Ursula & Barry in Mount Falcon Estate

Ursula & Barry’s Real Wedding in In Mount Falcon Estate on 21st March 2015

Ursula and Barry were handpicked by both of their sisters Aoife and Orlaith, who ‘felt’ that they would make a great match. Barry has one sister who not only picked his clothes, but then got to choose his future wife!

Mount-Falcon-Real-WeddingTWP--464-(2)Their first date was four years ago in Dakota Bar Dublin in April 2011 and there was a serious and natural chemistry between them both, the moment they met.

In September 2014 Barry proposed to Ursula in Powerscourt Gardens in Co.Wicklow. It was a beautiful sunny day and Ursula was overwhelmed by the proposal, which took her by complete surprise.  Barry, who is quite reserved in public, got on bended knee while Ursula’s back was turned and what a surprise she got when she turned around and he proposed. This happened in full view of all, in the gardens at Powerscourt.
They immediately started planning their wedding, as they both agreed on a short engagement. They decided on March of the following year for their wedding and so swiftly had to choose a venue. Ursula is from Mayo and Barry is from Dublin, but they were both living in Dublin and initially thought of a Dublin location, for ease of organising. However, when they visited Mount Falcon Estate in Co. Mayo as a potential venue and their chosen date of 21st of March (spring equinox!) was available, it was a signed deal for them. With Ursula being from Mayo, it was difficult to dream of a small wedding and this was something that they both wanted and Mount Falcon Estate had the perfect intimate setting for this. From the moment that they set foot in Mount Falcon Estate they were treated like they were at home. The romantic feel to Mount Falcon Estate is difficult to match in any other venue. Food and wine were top of their priority list and they knew after their wedding tasting that their guests were in for a treat. Everything else fell into place from the moment they chose Mayo as their location, as Ursula’s local church beside her home was available on the same special date. This church has a lot of important memories for Ursula and her family and this was a joyous memory to be added to that list.

There was  a serious and natural chemistry between them both, the moment they met

Ursula was lucky and found her dream dress on her first day shopping. It was the last of three shops, Kathy de Stafford on Exchequer Street, Dublin and she knew it was perfect for her. She felt like a princess in her dress, which was from the designer Raimon Bundo. She found it very easy and comfortable to wear and the highlight was the discreet pockets, in which she could put the coin Barry gave her as a token of all his possessions during the ceremony. Choosing her bridesmaid was not so easy, as she has four sisters and lots of girlfriends. She decided the fairest way to decide was to choose Aoife as she is the sister that is next to her in age and it was very convenient, as she also lived in Dublin and so was close at hand for any necessary assistance in planning a wedding in five months.

Barry sourced a very talented tailor, Paddy Sheary – based in Dublin, who specialises in bespoke suits. The suit was made to suit Barry’s personality and was made of navy mohair. Barry’s mother Ann added the finishing touch with a beautiful rose gold pocket watch. Barry’s brother Ronan was his best man and he and Barry’s other three brothers also wore navy suits. Ronan’s speech was very entertaining telling tales about Barry in his younger days.

From the moment that they set foot in Mount Falcon Estate they were treated like they were at home

On the morning of the wedding, all Ursula’s sisters had their hair and make up done professionally, it was Ursula’s thank you to them all, for their great help in the run up. Her bridesmaid wore a blush pink Jim Hjelm dress. Their make-up was done by Dolly Buckley from the Powder Room Girls in Dublin. Their hair was done by Katie and Aaron from Salon 2 in Sligo. Anne Cawley, a family friend, arranged the flowers which were absolutely beautiful. For a March wedding, their day was more than they could have asked for in terms of weather, it was a beautiful sunny day. Barry’s dad Brian gave them use of his beautiful red MGB open top classic car, which Ursula’s Dad Aidan drove her to the church in. Aidan drove very slow as he was very reluctant to give Ursula away. Ursula is the eldest of nine children (five girls and four boys) and the third daughter Aidan has given away. Despite his previous practice, Aiden is still very reluctant to give his daughters away! The whole occasion was very traditional and Ursula’s mother Geraldine organised a local lady to make a cake that very much suited the occasion. Harpist Brenda Grealish Walsh played ‘On Raglan Road’ as Ursula walked up the aisle. This was very apt for the Dublin congregation. They treated their guests to a wonderful falconry and owl display given by Mount Falcons resident Falconer. The magnificent venue, friendly and efficient staff along with the superb service, created a fairy tale wedding for Ursula and Barry. All the guests are still singing the praises of the Mount Falcon Estate. The entertainment was provided by the Kaye Twins and their five piece brass band, followed by local DJ Declan Gillespie. The dance floor was full from start until the early hours.

Mount-Falcon-Real-WeddingTWP--694-(2)Both Ursula and Barry agreed that the day was fantastic and just went by so quickly. The wedding coordinators, Sinead Walkin and Maura Moran were fantastic to work with and attended to every detail to perfection. The only sad part of the whole event, both planing and implementing, was them having to leave Mount Falcon Estate after the wedding. They felt as if they were leaving home forever.

They spoiled themselves with a fantastic honeymoon – a week in Mexico on the Mayan Riviera and then to San Diego for a road trip along the west coast of America and their final destination was San Francisco.

From the moment that they set foot in Mount Falcon Estate they were treated like they were at home

Both Ursula and Barry wish to pass on their best regards and warm wishes to their family and friends who made their day so special and who continue to be a huge part of their lives.

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