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Secret Boudoir, the only exclusive Boudoir Photography Studio, is under new management and Andrea Hayes spoke with the new owner, photographer Waneska Valois.

Waneska Valois is a Brazilian photographer who has been living in Ireland for the last 10 years. Waneska has over eight years’ experience in photography and four of them have been as a full-time Boudoir Photographer.


What made you decide to acquire the Secret Boudoir Photography brand?

I had always followed Secret Boudoir from a distance and always admired Edel’s (previous owner) work empowering over 3000 women all over Ireland and the UK and also her professionalism towards the business. When I found out that Secret Boudoir was closing down. I felt women in Ireland didn’t deserve to lose such an incredible service which is so important for women’s self-esteem, and, on the plus side, it was a great investment. I am loving every minute of it and all the feedback I am getting from the Secret Boudoir clientele has shown me that I made the right decision.


Why did you decide to become a Boudoir Photographer?

As a teenager who suffered from anorexia, I know first-hand how women can be hard on themselves. When I found Boudoir Photography, I realised the power the photo experience has over women. It gives women a chance to take a fresh and empowering look at themselves and realise we are all different and we are all beautiful in our own little ways.


Have you ever done a Boudoir Shoot?

Yes! I wanted to live the experience, so I hired another photographer and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My photos are beautiful. I always saw myself as a silly girl not a woman, but in my photos, I saw that my big easy smile is my way of being a sexy woman.


Do you photograph many brides?

I can say that almost 50% of my business comes from brides. I love registering this amazing moment in women’s lives. Usually the brides are a bit nervous, the pressure of organising the wedding and everything else adds a bit of nervousness to it. All of them tell me that the experience actually gave them a bit of time to relax and have a day just for them and about them which makes the experience even more special and enjoyable.

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