Royal Wedding of Harry and Megan Nearly Here

Royal Wedding Preparations are all done

With the Royal Wedding of Harry & Megan only 24 hours away, the British establishment and the general public are in full Royal Wedding Fever. True, a few Royal Wedding Free Zones have sprung up around the UK but even here in our very own little republic, there is an extraordinary amount of interest in the wedding of an English aristocrat and a US Actress. It just goes to show that a wedding is a time of joy form everyone and goes to show that old animosities can melt away in the happiness of two young people in love. So if your worried about some old family grudges rearing their head at your wedding, don’t. Your happiness and love for each other will soothe any troubled waters.

Pomp and Cermony

You have to hand it to the British, they do Pomp and Ceremony very well but I guess they’ve had centuries of practice and in a world full of strife and struggles, a good wedding gives everyone a little lift.

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If you were a little guilty that your wedding was going slightly over budget you’ll be relieved to hear that at least you’re not getting anywhere near the £32 million it’s estimated this Royal Wedding will cost.

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