We at Global Cake Toppers add unique Personalised touch to your Wedding Cake Toppers to look very best miniature you and will last forever as perfect keepsakes.
Superior quality non toxic clay, beads, sequins, stones and crystals are used to decorate your toppers and there is no extra charge for them.

Our prices are relatively less than others and we take pride making them as one of the finest toppers with attention given to minute details and proportion. Just send your details like wedding dress Pics, Hair Style etc…and we will make them for you.
Each topper is unique and handcrafted….with a creative mind so do not limit your immagination with these sample images ….just let us know your ideas ,wedding theme and some more details to personalise them just the way you want them to be for your very special day….and we will make them for you.
We offer free P&P. Packaging is done with extreme care to make the toppers reach you intact and registered post for you to track them.

If your wedding dates are close then email me at contact@globalcaketoppers.com to prioritize your order. For more details, visit our website www.globalcaketoppers.com To watch video click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7exRP0UDgEg