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Mother of the Groom’s Wedding Weight Loss

“It was when my son told me he was getting married that I started thinking about losing weight; I didn’t want to ruin his wedding photos! I had tried losing it before, and at one stage I even had seven stone gone, but then it all went back on again; I had reached a plateau and I felt that things weren’t working, so I gave up – I had nobody to blame but myself.

I was eating far too much, it got to the point where after Christmas time, my son actually threw the leftover sweets away because he could see that I wasn’t able to stop myself. That was a real eye opener for me, I realised I was killing myself with food.

The hardest bit was the first day I joined. When I stood on the scales, I knew it wasn’t going to be good, but my leader, Olivia was wonderful with me and we’ve since become great friends. I had a long road ahead so I decided I was just going to take things gradually.

Losing weight has given me a confidence I never knew I had

The meetings were a huge support, I always did my best to stay because I think it’s very important; you need to keep hearing things a few times so that it all begins to click in. The key for me, is preparation, first thing every morning I’m up getting my vegetables ready for the day. I make stewed apple and rhubarb in advance, and I find I don’t even need to sweeten them anymore; that’s how much my sense of taste has changed.

People hardly recognise me anymore; my neighbour says that only for my voice he wouldn’t know it was me!

Losing weight has given me a confidence I never knew I had; I used to think that I was afraid of flying but now I realise that it was the weight that was holding me back. I’ve been on an aeroplane twice to go and see my son in Germany and I think nothing of getting on the bus to town or the train to Dublin. My husband died last year, and living alone is something I never thought I’d be able for, it’s tough but I’m doing it. Reaching goal has made me realise that I have a strength I never knew.”

Weighwatchers Wedding Weight Loss
Cait Before, On the Wedding Day and on Reaching Goal

Cáit’s leader, Olivia tells us why she loves being a leader and what an inspiration Cáit is for everyone.

The  SmartPoints programme is now six months old, and in my opinion has brought weight loss to a whole new level;

Because no food is banned with Weight Watchers, you decide what you want to eat and the way SmartPoints is structured you will make healthier choices all the time.

Weight loss in my class has been fantastic, and with an age profile from 18 to 70+ it works for everyone. My members who are slimmer, healthier and happier, tell me about the glowing doctor reports they are getting. They love the freedom the programme gives them and can’t believe they are eating so well, still have their treats, go out for meals and lose weight.
They tell me that since joining and staying to class they have learned a whole new set of skills; they now have knowledge about food from choosing it to cooking it, being more active, and generally are more positive with their weight loss journey.

Olivia Before and After
Olivia Before and After

I’ve been a leader for 15 years and I love it, I couldn’t write a more perfect job description. Seeing people change, like Cáit did, is the best part for me, and I don’t mean just the number on the scales, I’m talking about what goes on inside. I see how people walk taller, wear brighter colours and just come out of themselves. There are so many incredible things that happen apart from just weight loss, and I think that’s an important thing for anyone considering joining to know; there is so much more waiting for them if they’re ready to give it their full commitment.
Cáit continues to be an inspiration to all of us. She attends class each week and like the rest of us she struggles from time to time, but she knows from previous experience that if you keep working the plan and never giving in, you will get back on track.
Since losing weight and maintaining her weight loss her confidence has soared; she now travels to Germany on her own to visit her family.

She tells us she tracks all her meals. She got a dog last year and they encourage each other to go for walks. Her biggest motivation about keeping weight off is; she never wants to look and feel how she did when she started.

What I love most about Cáit’s story is her motivation to join; to lose weight for her son’s wedding so she would not ruin his wedding photos. She lost 7 stone before the wedding. For a lot of us that would be the end of the story, not Cáit, she kept coming to class and continued her journey and went on to lose another 6 stone.

So what are you waiting for; go join you nearest Weight Watcher class and watch yourself change into that healthier, happier more confident person you know you are. www.weightwatchers.ie

Olivia’s tips for success:

  • You need to put yourself and your needs first, this is something you need to do for yourself and allow the time and energy to do it.
  • Try to include at least three pieces of fruit each day; I find that if I do that, it keeps me full and helps to curb my sweet cravings.
  • Most of all, never ever give up – Cáit lost seven stone and put it all back on, but she still came back to reach her goal weight in the end; that’s the kind of fight you need!

Olivia’s classes:
Waterville, GAA clubhouse, Tuesdays, 7pm.
Cahirciveen, the library on Newmarket St, Weds, 10am.

Olivia and Cait
Olivia and Cait


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