The Wedding of Roisin & Chris in the Knightsbrook Hotel

The Wedding of Roisin & Chris in the Knightsbrook Hotel

Chris and I met in musical theatre college in 2009. Although at the time we were both in relationships, it didn’t stop me fancying him. Every chance I got, I spoke to him and realised my feelings for him were growing stronger.  A few months later we were both single and Chris asked me out. He took me for dinner in TGI Fridays on St. Stephens Green and for drinks in Porter House. It was perfect because we got to be ourselves and just have fun. I knew he was special and I couldn’t wait to see what was ahead of us.
Fast forward to the 20th December 2013. Chris owns his own stage school in Wicklow and he asked me to help out at the kids’ dress rehearsal. I remember the day so well. He was so panicky and was pacing back and forth. I was trying to calm him and reassuring him that the show would go really well and the parents would love it. So, rehearsal over and shortly after we got home Chris said “Roisin I need to talk to you, you know I love you so much and I can’t see my future unless you’re by my side”. Then he took a box out of his pocket and went down on one knee. He asked me to marry him, and after sobbing my eyes out, I of course said yes! It was the most amazing proposal and I will never forget those words he spoke to me.

I knew he was special and I couldn’t wait to see what was ahead of us

We loved being engaged, our friends and family were just incredible and so supportive. We decided on our wedding date, 26th February 2015, so we had just over a year to plan. We wanted a wedding where all our family and friends could be there and we had the motto “we’re only doing this once” whenever we decided on something. We wanted a wedding where it was fun and that people could just relax and enjoy themselves. We planned it as if we were guests at the wedding.

Real-Wedding-Knighstbrook-Hotel-24We knew who we wanted to be in our wedding party. I had three bridesmaids, my sister Adrienne, my best friend Orla and Chris’s sister Emma. The best bridal party I could ever ask for. It didn’t take long for us to go shopping for dresses as I had been looking through magazines for dresses and spotted a beautiful princess style. But it was an American designer and I didn’t think I would be able to get it. But, I checked the stockist list online, and they had one in my local shop in Swords. They had just gotten the dress in and I fell in love with it instantly, It was meant to be. The girls’ dresses were the same colour, carnation pink but all different styles, which suited all my girls.

We loved being engaged, our friends and family were just incredible and so supportive

Chris chose his best friend Darragh as his best man, his oldest and best friend. It meant so much to him on the day in his speech to speak from the heart, as Darragh is usually the comedian of the group. Chris also had our good friends Ciaran and Sean as groomsmen. We were all best friends so planning the wedding with them was even more special. Chris decided on blue suits for the boys, the colours really complemented the girls’ dresses.
Everything was going so well with the planning and we had so much support and we enjoyed every moment of it. The last few weeks before the wedding just flew in. Cake tasting, fittings, hair and make up trials etc. We wish we could do it all again because it was just such a special time and we loved being together doing all that.

Real-Wedding-Knighstbrook-Hotel-13All of a sudden it was wedding week. We decided to get married in a beautiful little church in Culmullen, Co. Meath and then our reception in Knightsbrook Hotel. We stayed in the hotel the night before, with all our families and friends and it was incredible. The excitement was so intense, we had dinner and a few drinks but then it was time to say goodbye. We both cried as we knew our day was here and we would be together forever. I had a lovely night with the girls, a few gifts were exchanged and bubbles drank.

Waking up nice and early, I was so calm, which isn’t like me at all, I’m usually like a kid on Christmas morning. We had breakfast, and then it was time to get hair and make up. Michelle Regazolli was my makeup artist and Lisa from the Ceira Lambert salon did our hair. While we were getting pampered our photographer David Moore and videographer Cathal Farrelly were busy capturing every moment. Suddenly it was time to get into our dresses. Time flew by and then the nerves kicked in, it was time to leave. We chose Lawler Chauffeur, with a 14 seat Asquith bus for the bridal party and an old vintage car for my self and my Dad, then Chris once we were married.

We danced out of the church to “The Beatles – I wanna hold your hand”

Once we got to the church we had a few photos outside and then it was time. Our close friends sang in the church and I walked up the aisle with my Dad to Pachelbel’s Canon. The ceremony was so beautiful and funny. Our Priest, Fr. Colm cracked jokes all the way through and made us feel at ease. We surprised our guests with a flash mob at the end of one of our favourite songs “ Can’t help falling in love” from a musical All Shook Up. It was only supposed to include 12 of our friends but the entire congregation stood on their feet and sang from start to finish. It was an incredible moment that we will never forget. We danced out of the church to The Beatles “I wanna hold your hand”.

Real-Wedding-Knighstbrook-Hotel-02We were welcomed by the Knightsbrook Hotel staff standing outside with champagne and a red carpet arrival. We felt like royalty, It really was like a dream, one that we never wanted to wake up from. The day went by without any flaws and everything at the Knightsbrook Hotel surpassed our expectations. The Knightsbrook Hotel and staff were truly amazing and our guests are still talking about what a great day it was. A big thank you from myself and Chris for turning our dreams into reality and beyond.

We honeymooned a few days later in sunny Orlando. Just 2 weeks after coming home Chris was offered a new job, as lead singer of a new band in Downtown Disney. A very funny coincidence and that’s where we are now, living the dream in Orlando.

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