Marjorie and Thomas Real Wedding

Thomas Sundström had thought it would be fun to work in Ireland for a few months. Little did he know he’d go back to Sweden with a true leprechaun!
One night in a bar under the Heineken building, Thomas met Marjorie on his first night out in Dublin. After a night of explaining about the importance of the Vikings, he managed to take her number down wrong. But he was determined to meet her again. He wrote down the different possible combinations that her phone number could be and he got through on his second attempt! The first date was a simple night at the movies to get to know each other. Marjorie then became Thomas’ tour guide and showed him around Dublin.

Over the years, Marjorie travelled around Europe and Thomas eventually moved back to Sweden. Long distance was tough, but they managed to keep the relationship going thanks to Skype and cheap flights. Six years later, it was time to move in together and Marjorie moved to Sweden during the summer of 2012.

A year later on Midsummer’s Eve, Thomas got down on one knee at their cottage in the Swedish countryside as they were about to tuck into their smorgasbord. Marjorie of course said “Ja!” and called the mammy back in Ireland to begin planning the big day!

They both wanted a traditional Swedish-Irish wedding, with a mixture of cultures from both sides. Marjorie had always dreamt of getting married at the church of St. John the Evangelist in Sandymount since that was the church where her parents got married. So this was their starting point.
Marjorie works in the hotel industry so she knew exactly who to contact. Susie and the team at the K Club were the only ones who could take care of their big day, especially since they were planning everything from Sweden. The photographer John Ryan was the next point of call as having seen him working with previous couples he was a very easy choice and the quality of his work speaks for itself.  John Ryan is undoubtedly the best photographer in Ireland and his relaxed style is such a pleasure, as he captures fantastic moments during the day.  It is so important to have a professional photographer like John, as the day is a “one off” and can’t be repeated. After that everything seemed to fall into place with The French Touch Flowers, French Wedding cakes, Sarah Beegan Cards and AYU makeup to name a few. Marjorie had chosen a dress online that she thought was the one and arranged to try it on at the Bridal Outlet in Dublin. However, it just didn’t feel right and after trying many different styles she chose a Lusan Mandongus dress that her mum had picked out. As the girls at the Bridal Outlet said “there were no but’s in the dress”, it was just perfect! Thomas chose the suits for him and the boys in Sweden and we found the dresses for the girls in Ireland.

Marjorie’s sister was Maid of Honour and her nieces were Junior Bridesmaids and Flower girl. Thomas’ three best friends from school were Best Man, Toastmaster and Usher. Together they made the day run smoothly so the happy couple could enjoy every moment.

On the morning of the wedding, Marjorie woke up early and opened her gift from Thomas to find a beautiful necklace (it’s a Swedish wedding tradition that the bride and groom give each other a present on the morning of the big day). The hours that followed were filled with joy and excitement as both sides prepared themselves for the day ahead. Thomas and the guys arrived first at the church and greeted the guests who had come from Ireland, England, Sweden and Finland. Marjorie and her Dad arrived in a baby blue Riley just as the heavens opened and the boys formed a line of umbrellas up to the church. When they saw each other at the altar, they both smiled from cheek to cheek. A permanent smile that lasted the whole day. The church service was simple and personal with readings by Marjorie’s best friend and Thomas’ mum in English, Swedish and Finnish, and music by Suantraí that later got everyone bopping to “All You Need is Love”.

Once they were announced “husband and wife” the whirlwind began as everyone made their way back to the K Club for the reception. During the drinks reception, guests were invited to take part in a “tipsrunda” where they answered questions about the bride and groom. Later on, the Toastmaster had arranged some Swedish fun and games throughout the dinner. An Irish ceili kicked off the shenanigans in the evening to the delight of the guests followed by a DJ into the early hours of the morning.

That night they fell into bed and looked at each other, still smiling.

“Goodnight Mr. Sundström”
“Goodnight Mrs. Sundström”

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