Love is in the Seychelles Honeymoon Air

Seychelles Honeymoon – a dream destination.

In our frantic, modern world relaxation techniques invite us to close our eyes and dream of a place where tired spirits can be refreshed. But why dream when Seychelles is only hours away? Creation has blessed these friendly islands with perpetual summer, the space to breathe the purest air and room to unwind on the powder-soft sand of endless beaches.

Against the romantic backdrop of our diverse islands, scattered like pearls upon the warm, azure waters of the Indian Ocean, your yearning for the ultimate in beauty and tranquility will become reality.

seychelles-img_1064-editSeychelles, made up of 115 pristine, tropical islands, is a magnificent archipelago, containing the only mid-ocean granitic islands on the planet, that was certainly known to the early Arab sea-farers before being colonised by the French in 1770 and then by the British in 1814 before becoming an independent republic within the Commonwealth in 1976.

In an ecologically compromised world, Seychelles offers sanctuaries for numerous, endemic species of flora and fauna that are amongst the rarest on earth. Many endemic and indigenous species can be discovered on the network of guided walks. The islands are also home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites: The Vallée de Mai, upon whose ancient palms grows the wondrous Coco-de-Mer, and fabled Aldabra, largest raised atoll in the world.

Increasingly, however, Seychelles is catering to the middle and lower price ranges

Throughout the islands are to be found unparalleled opportunities for sailing on bare-boat or skippered yacht, world class deep-sea and fly-fishing, as well as a broad diversity of dive experiences for the novice and experienced diver alike. From Mahé, principal island of the Seychelles, the nation’s islands extend 100km north and 1000km in a glittering arc towards the east coast of Africa. Between 15 minutes and one hours flight time from Mahé, several select island getaways offer accommodation in well-appointed lodges and resorts ranging from sumptuous five-star luxury to beach-side cottages with a natural and homely elegance.
seychelles-img5-port-glaud seychelles-stb-6-tortoise-curieuse-is
Increasingly, however, Seychelles is catering to the middle and lower price ranges with a wonderfully diverse array of picturesque small hotels, Creole guesthouses redolent with local charm and great self-caterings where you can lead life entirely at your own pace and whim.
These exceptional establishments provide great value for money as well as an authentic introduction to Seychelles’ unique island lifestyle, placing the visitor in direct touch with the islands’ vibrant culture, exquisite gastronomy and offering a range of activities: sailing, diving, fishing, island-hopping and trekking as well as the ultimate in romantic breaks…all without breaking the bank.
At the forefront of this initiative to bring the Seychelles Experience within the reach of more visitors is the ‘Seychelles Secrets’ portfolio of small establishments which have been especially vetted, upgraded and refurbished to provide clients with comfort, a wide range of facilities and excellent value for money. True to their Seychellois roots and with Creole authenticity bursting from every beam, they provide an unforgettable taste of the islands and an ideal stepping stone from which to enjoy the great diversity and other exciting tourism products on offer.

Sensual Seychelles has long been dubbed ‘the islands of love’.

Sensual Seychelles has long been dubbed ‘the islands of love’. Home to the unique Vallée de Mai, purported by many to be the site of the original Garden of Eden, it is little wonder that lovers are inspired to take their vows and wed in this gentle and romantic atmosphere.

seychelles-stb-3-couple-on-beach-grande-soeur-island Marriage and/or honeymoon packages are offered by several leading travel agencies to ensure that your wedding day or honeymoon will be as blissfully romantic and unique as you, in your wildest dreams, can conjure, allowing the memories of those special days to become forever emblazoned in your hearts.
Whether in Seychelles for a wedding or honeymoon, make a rendezvous with destiny and set your own stage for the most romantic days of your life beneath swaying palms, alongside crystal waters fringed by silver-soft sands.

The islands are home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites

Sip exotic tropical cocktails against the backdrop of crimson sunsets. Visit the island of La Digue where time stands still and bicycles and the ox-cart hold sway on the pathways to the dream beaches of Grand Anse and Source D’Argent.  Or, simply lay back and watch the days and nights slip ever so slowly by from within the luxurious cocoon of a dream island getaway.

seychelles-stb-1-couple-on-beach-aride-islandQuietly stroll the Vallée de Mai where the legendary Coco-de-mer nut grows high on ancient palms. Dine tête à tête with your feet in the sand on uncrowded beaches or try your hand at dancing the moutia, ancient dance of slaves, whose sensuous rhythms beckon from the flicker of a beach fire beneath a lover’s moon.

So, come and savour the ultimate in tropical romance! Be swept off your feet by the breathtaking beauty of the world’s most stunning islands that offer you diversity, a carefree lifestyle and the services of dedicated professionals whose attention to detail will leave you with the freedom to enjoy the moments of a lifetime.


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