Gala Ortin & Pablo Larrazabal Real Wedding

Real Wedding

Love is an extraordinary thing, It suddenly appears when you least expect it giving you the most special and exciting feelings.


I will never forget the first time I met Pablo. It was in November 2004 in a night club in Barcelona. I was there with friends, I just saw him and it was kind of love at first sight. Our first date was the next day after we met, the 5th of November. We went to have a drink together, nothing strange, nothing complicated, just the two of us and lots of conversation. We couldn’t stop talking! it really seemed like we had known each other a long time.

And after the first moments, days, months and time spent together, love becomes something deeper, something that makes you feel secure, warm and lucky, and you realise you have not only a boyfriend, but a friend, a father, a brother, a confidant…
And then it comes, the proposal, the day you say yes to spend your entire life with him.

It was on 24th of December 2014 and the first night we were at our new apartment. We just had dinner and it was time to exchange Christmas presents. So I gave him mine and then it was his turn, so he told me to close my eyes and wait.  A couple of minutes later he told me to open them and he was on his knee asking me the “big question” to which I answered a big yes of course! The very next day I was already starting to think about the wedding, I’ve always thought about how my wedding was going to be so we had a lot of things to discuss.


We didn’t want a big wedding but we wanted something really romantic and special and that’s what we both agreed on. I love everything from the 20s along with the Great Gatsby mixed with Marie Antoinette and the gardens in Versailles. I was a little bit worried about the dress because I needed something that was in line with the entire wedding look. So after going to many bridal boutiques I finally decided on Pronovias. They perfectly understood what I wanted from the start and showed me some options, when I finally saw the last one I totally fell in love. I tried it on and started to shake and cry, along with my mum and all friends who were with me at Pronovias. It perfectly caught the essence of the wedding aesthetic I wanted, but the most important thing for me, it allowed me to keep my own personal style. I would be a princess while still being myself. It was a Dupion (Godavari) silk dress and the train measured 1.35m, but the removable train measured about 2.90m, totalling three metres or more. It was strapless with a sweetheart neckline and cinched waist with a large voluminous skirt gathered at one side.


With all the planning for the wedding time goes by very quick and then the big day arrives! Everything was ready and we were so nervous but also very excited. My bridesmaids were great and helped me to get ready on the morning. They are four of my best friends. Sonsoles, Candela, Clara and Maria, we are so close and we have a really amazing complicity, we have gone through a lot of things together. They helped me a lot with everything and I wanted and needed them as close as possible for that day. It was the happiest day of my life and I really wanted to share it with them. They all looked gorgeous dressed by Sayan Barcelona.
Pablo wore an elegant and classic dark grey suit from Taylor Blasi, from Barcelona. His friend Christian spent all day with Pablo and helped him with everything (also handling his nerves). They are close friends since childhood and there was no one better with whom to share his last day as a single man.

I was obviously a little bit nervous as I wanted everything to be perfect. It’s one day in your life and I always like to take care of every small detail. I also knew I was counting on the best people to help me manage everything, my family, especially my mom and my best friends. All the organisation and help had been really special and emotional. The sun was shining and the atmosphere was amazing, it was 30 degrees! For the reception we had booked Bell Reco, it’s an amazing castle near Barcelona. We had the Catholic wedding ceremony outside of the castle. It was beside a beautiful lake, just like in a fairy tale.

I arrived on a beautiful Oxford carriage drawn by three white horses, following the romantic theme we planned. I really felt like a Cinderella!

I will never forget the day but especially my favourite moment, when the priest said “you can kiss your wife”, and it was also so emotional because we had my brother (tenor) singing for us with a quartet and choirs.


After the wedding ceremony, we had an amazing reception dinner and party inside the castle. I surprised my husband between the first and the main course with a comedy monologue about us that I got from a famous and funny actor from Barcelona. Then we danced our first dance as my brother played a grand piano, it was a wonderful moment. After that we started the party with a Great Gatsby style and the DJ kept the music going for us all night long.

It was a perfect day with perfect guests, a perfect dress, place and of course, a perfect husband! If I had the chance to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing and I will never forget a single moment of a perfect day.