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Relaxed Wedding Makeup

Chalet-hair_LR-84-MailWith over seven years experience in the Wedding hair & beauty industry, for the The Hair & Beauty Chalet in Carlow, providing wedding hair & make up has been a wonderful part of their work.
They offer the bride the chance to relax in her own home or hotel on the morning of her wedding while they look after the hair & make up creations for the complete bridal party. Prior to the big day they also provide an extensive range of treatments including hair colouring & styling, Skinician facials & massage, He Shi spray tan, NSI gel/acrylic nails, Gelicure 3 week polish and Lashaholic semi permanent lashes. Bridal packages start from €100.
See their website for more information.

Wedding Makeup - Revive and Refresh

Revive and Refresh

Beauty Editor Marie Joseph has put together a selection of brands to revive your radiance, bring luminescence to the complexion, lighten tighten, hydrate and nourish the skin.

The Eyes Have it.    Wedding-Makeup-Revive-Clarins

Help is at hand! Clarins Restorative Total Eye Concentrate’s delicate texture targets the eye area from temple to temple. The enrichment of Cassie flower wax offers an instant tightening effect; in addition it contains golden pearls with light reflecting properties to lighten up the eye area. 30ml €65.00


Exquisage Moisturiser

Wedding-Makeup-Revie-DarphinThis moisturiser has it all, with a blend of barley to help smooth and repair skin. Tomatoes full with antioxidants to revitalise your skin. Cucumber rich in amino acids plus vitamin A, C, and E. Vitamin E is a vital ingredient for sensitive skin. The texture is smooth and silky with a delicate fragrance of freesia, green apple and wood notes.
This gem in a jar is suitable for all skin types €65.00

Different Origin

Wedding-Makeup-Revive-OriginsMake a difference; keep skin gorgeous by saying goodnight to your makeup!!  Origin’s silky cleansing milk will melt away dirt and debris that has built up during the day, while Rose of Jericho & Sea Haricots (Irish seaweed) forms a skin-pampering buffer. Skin will feel clean, replenished and ready for the next step in your routine.
150ml €38.95

Sixty Seconds to Spare

Wedding-Makeup-Revive-Sixty-SecondsTo transform, revitalise and rejuvenate the skin! Ren’s Flash Rinse Minute Facial is potent in Vitamin C to brighten, tighten and even out skin tone. For best results use two or three times a week working it into your night-time routine. €32.00

Plump up the Volume

Wedding-Makeup-Revive-NiveaPlump up and smooth out those wrinkles with the new Nivea Q10PLUS Anti-Wrinkle Serum Pearls. The intense formula has a light texture, which is easily absorbed into the skin. Use twice daily for at least two weeks to give the skin an initial boost. Yep ladies this one is affordable as just €14.99

Tone Up

Wedding-Makeup-Revuve-TonerToner is an important part of a skin care regime but its function is often misunderstood! A toner not only removes all traces of cleanser dirt and residue of makeup, it also stimulates, closes pores and exercise’s the skin. Vitamin E Toner will prepare the skin for moisture and leave your skin refreshed and hydrated. 100ml €10.95

Wedding Makeup - Body and Soul


With the summer months at hand, here is a selection of body care product’s to pamper and protect your skin for the long hot hazy days ahead.

Ginger Scrub

Wedding-Makeup-Body-&-Soul-OriginI adore this soothing ginger scrub. The benefits of ginger are known for its ability to stimulate the body and increase energy. This incredible, spreadable scrub is sure to be your body’s best friend. Let it transform your skin from dry and scaly to smooth and sleek without mess or fuss! Spread it on once or twice a week for smoother softer skin. 250ml €32.00

Star Fragrance

Wedding-Makeup-Body-&-Soul-StarThierry Mugler Hero Fragrance Angel is yum yum, gourmand fragrances have edible notes, I love them! Angel was created in 1992 and is believed to be the first Gourmand Perfume.  With top notes of: bergamot, mandarin, cocoa powder. Heart: passion fruit, peach, apricot. Base: patchouli, vanilla, chocolate, caramel. It’s scent is oriental, woody and most of all refreshing.
50ml €90.00

There May be Sunshine Ahead

Wedding-Makeup-Body-&-Soul-NiviaProtect and refresh sun lotion from Nivea Sun is enriched with menthol, giving a refreshing sensation. The new improved formula is non sticky with a combination of silky powders and soothing oils to nourish and moisturise the skin. Perfect for all you sun lovers! Water resistant UVA/UVB protection SPF 30 €12.09

Sun Worshippers

Wedding-Makeup-Body-&-Soul-GoddessFor lovers of a 24/7 tan, Baby Doll’s Tan Goddess will do the trick! It smooth’s on easily and is streak free. The mousse is enriched with Vitamin A, E and Aloe Vera to nourish and moisturise the skin, with a divine scent of coconut. €9.99

It’s in the Bag

Wedding-Makeup-Body-&-Soul-RogerTwo new delicious hydrating formulas from the Hand Bag Collection Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Cream. No excuses left for neglecting our hard working hands!! It’s bursting with fragrance, full of moisture to hydrate, protect and cocoon our mits!
Bienfaits is enriched with five berries and an abundance of antioxidant properties.
The Fleur de Figuier contains fig extract to nourish and soften skin. €6.00

Pure Velvet

Wedding-Makeup-Body-&-Soul-ChanelFor lovers of Chanel No5 perfume; the body cream is a luxurious follow on. The box reads: rich, velvety, hydrates, softens with a delicious fragrance of jasmine and rose – exotic. Leaves the skin velvety soft and moisturized. What more can I add, go on spoil yourself!!

Go for the Glow

Wedding-Makeup-Body-&-Soul-ClarinsFollowing on from the success of Golden Glow Booster self-tanning for the face, enter Clarins Golden Glow Booster for the body¡¡ its so easy to use gals, simply add one, two or three drops to your daily body moisturiser to effortlessly tailor the tan to your desired effect all year round!! €36.00

The Mane Event - Wedding Hair

The Main Event

Hair Expert, Karen O’Loughlin, takes us through some of the great hair products on the shelves this summer.

Alter Ego

EgoWhat a great name! This hairdryer is terrific, not only is it lightweight, but it packs a punch with its 1700 watt performance. Looks pretty stylish too.
Available in salons nationwide €99.95

Oil Wonders

Matrix are know for their high quality, good value products and the Oil Wonders collection doesn’t disappoint.  It’s a big range comprising shampoo, conditioner and an oil for every hair type. There’s also a Flash Blow Dry Oil which cuts down on blowdrying time, which is great for thick hair. This is a weightless spray leaving hair soft and supple. €16.30 For stockist enquiries 0800 387 603

Extreme Lengths

Extreme-LenghtsRedken’s new Extreme Lengths range is a must-have for those of us who crave long, lustrous locks. The Extreme Length Sealer helps prevent damage and breakage and reduces the appearance of split ends.  Simply use the brush applicator and apply to damp or dry hair. The Extreme Length Primer is a rinse-out treatment that detangles hair leaving it soft, smooth and conditioned.
Extreme Length Sealer €18.50
Extreme Length Primer €21.80

Let it Shine
Jaico-Colour-TherapyJoico K-Pak Color Therapy Dry Oil Spray is the ultimate hair hero.  I am addicted to this product.  Simply spray on dry hair for a brilliant shine.  €21.00
For stockist enquiries contact Joico at 045 856490

Scalp Care

Semi Di Lino Scalp Care have introduced a range of products to combat scalp problems such as hair loss, the dreaded dandruff and excessive sebum.  This range contains no sulphate, paraffins and mineral oils so is kind to scalp and of course coloured hair.
Prices start at €12.50
For stockists contact Alfaparf 045 856490

By Karen O’Loughlin

Shirley Bloom's Floral Tips

There are classic flowers you can use for your wedding, they are roses, lilies, peonies, orchids, freesia. These flowers are a great guide to giving brides ideas in what to pick for their wedding bouquets. If you are budget conscious, non seasonal flowers do increase the price. Gypsophila has become a huge hit this year for brides, bridesmaids and centre pieces.  It is simple but elegant, can be dressed in any design with lovely ribbon beads or an heirloom brooch.
There are such amazing table centres that can be created for a wedding, we don’t always have to stick with the traditional type.  An arrangement done in a hat box can be stunning and the beauty of the hat box can be used again for many types of occasions.Floral Tips.
1. Bridesmaids bouquet can be used for a cake topper.
2. Table centre pieces can also be used as thank you gifts.
3. Bridesmaid bouquet can be used as a throw away bouquet.
4. Church pew ends can be used as chair backs at the reception.

We hope you have enjoyed our floral wedding ideas.

To schedule a free consultation with Shirley’s Blooms or hear more information about our outstanding wedding packages, simply fill in your details to our Inquiry Form or alternatively call us on 0871173500/
(01) 8263981

Anita Conroy's Makeup Blog


Jessica Biel recently got married and made sure to impress her husband to be Justin Timberlake with her stunning look.  Her make up for her wedding day was a soft feminine look to match her pink wedding dress.

To recreate her look, firstly apply Laura Mercier foundation primer, this will help your make up to stay fresher for longer.

Then apply Clarins Beauty Flash balm all over the skin, this gives your skin a radiant glow.  This works best if you apply your foundation immediately to the skin. I have choosen Giorgio Armani luminious silk foundation, buff this into the skin using a duo fibre foundation brush, this will give you a beautiful air brush finish.

Then apply YSL Touche Eclat under the eyes, above the brow, in the creases along your nose, pat it in using your finger.

Then set your foundation using MAC Skinfinish Powder.

Slightly sculpt your cheek bones with dark mineralize powder and apply MAC Well Dressed blusher to the apple of your cheeks, this has a lovely soft pink satin finish and its also great on every skin tone.

Jessica went for subtle eye make up with a bronze glow, this widens the eye and makes blue eyes pop.

Apply Mac Paintly paint pot all over the lid, this will ensure the eyeshadow lasts all day and night.   Using a buff eyeshadow brush apply powder all over the lid to brow, then using a base colour (Mylar from MAC), wash over your lids to brow.
Using a flat brush press your eye shadow (Honesty MAC) to the lid of the eye up to your crease (make sure you tap your brush so that no excess powder falls onto your skin).  Then at the crease of the eye blend MAC Kid eye shadow into the socket and underneath the eye.

For subtle eyeliner use a brown shade, Dipdown fluid liner from MAC is ideal.  Press this against your top lash line using an Angle brush.  Then at the outer corner of the bottom eye on the lash line apply corduroy, this will define your bottom lash line but still gives a soft look.  Then to highlight use MAC Vanilla in the inner cornor of the eye and under your brow arch.

For the final touches to your eyes, apply MAC Zoom Waterfast mascara to your lashes and then apply white pencil in the inside of the eye as it will open up your eyes more.  I love Fascinating from MAC.  Lastly to get Jessica’s soft pink girly lip, apply Ange from MAC,  it has a lovely smooth creamy finish.

Contact Anita on or visit

Deborah’s Top Tips for Dry Skin

Deborah’s Top Tips for Dry Skin: Okay ladies, so your wedding is right around the corner, and you’re feeling a little stressed and troubled about how to get your skin in working condition before the big day.  It’s feeling dry and flaky.  STOP.  Don’t run off getting a ton of facials just yet and put down that daily exfoliator, NOW.  Especially for the dry/dehydrated and flaky skin’s out there check out my Top Skin Conditioning Tips…hopefully you’ll find your solution within….
Let’s get hydrated……..

  1. I have to begin by saying using soaps for dry skin is way too harsh; they tend to remove the skins natural oils and lipids leaving your skin feeling dry and taut.  Instead opt for CREAM CLEANSERS – these are gentler on the skin, still remove daily dirt and grime whilst helping to maintain your skins PH Balance.  I love La Roche Posay’s Physiological Cleanser (great for dry skin with sensitivity).
  2. 2.    Tone your skin.  Toners act like a mini work out for the skin; apply toner to a piece of damp cotton wool or spritz onto your face to remove excess cleanser.   They help stimulate blood capillaries, tighten pores AND when you apply moisturiser, toners act as a delivery system for the nutrients. Avoid toners containing alcohol. Include Toners containing ingredients such as Rosewater and Chamomile.  I recommend Nuxe’s gentle tonic lotion with Rose Petals, so gentle in fact you can drink it!
  3. AVOID over exfoliating.  Oh I understand the temptation to scrub dry areas, but doing this daily is like dropping a chemical bomb on your skin.  It not only gets rid of the dead, but also kills the good cells.  And as the cell army rushes to save the area, its hit by another blast, then another, and so the problem area becomes a sore and flaky wasteland.  TOP TIP if you suffer from dry or flaky skin…exfoliate once every two weeks, and make sure you do it at NIGHT TIME only.  Always apply toner after exfoliating to tighten pores and prepare your skin for your next step, MOISTURISING!
  4. Before I talk about masks, I want to let you on a little secret – ‘nourishing facial oils’.  That’s the secret.  If your skin is severely dry, dehydrated or flaky.  A couple of drops of facial oil, warmed in the palms of your hands then pressed on to your thirsty face, nightly, will keep your skin well fed and glowing. Oils rich in minerals and containing vitamins such as E and C are a great source of nourishment for dry skin.
  5. Back to cleansing the skin.  There are other ways to effectively deep cleanse the skin whilst encouraging cell regeneration.    HYDRATING MASKS…not only do they penetrate the skin and excavate dirt and grime, they also help slough away dead cells; all the while hydrating the skin while helping to restore beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to the skin.   For best results, apply a  couple of drops of facial oil followed by your mask AT NIGHT; leave on for about 15 minutes then remove with toner and apply night cream.. The perfect way to GLOW!  In my opinion it’s hard to beat Clarins Hydra Quench Hydrating Mask.
  6. EASY TIP…Moisturise daily and include a night cream into your new skin regimen.   Your skin will have up to 8 hours at night to absorb all the creams beneficial nutrients.   Apply Night Creams high in anti-oxidants and minerals; they work hard throughout the night to eliminate free radicals and deliver large rations of much goodness to your skin, while you sleep.  If you implement all my tips and moisturise day and night your skin will be nourished, supple, hydrated and illuminated.  You don’t have to break the bank on Moisturisers or Night Creams, ensure you purchase one suitable for your skin type.  I love The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Night Cream.

It takes three weeks to get your skin working again, so no excuses; stay HYDRATED, FEED your skin and go on girls….get your GLOW ON

Caring for Oily Skin with Blemishes


This article is dedicated to the guy’s and gal’s out there who suffer from oily skin, or combination oily skin, spots and just don’t know where to start.  The key points to remember about any skin type are maintaining the following….

1. Balance…it is important when looking after your skin to maintain its ph balance….

2. Cleansing…For oily skin types it is important to keep your skin clean to help reduce outbreaks…

3. Toning helps absorb excess oils and more importantly tightens pores; this reduces the risk of spots spreading

4. Moisturising:  No matter how oily your skin is, it is important to keep it moisturised, as this helps nourish your skin.

Before we get going, a good skin routine takes less than five minutes.  Just ensure your products are always handy, by your bed, in the bathroom, make them visible, or even put them somewhere, where you can’t help but trip over them, thus reminding you to use them. (Please do not leave them at the top of the stairs!!!!)

Cleansing:  If you suffer from combination/oily skin types it is important to use a suitable cleanser.  I recommend cleansing lotions, gels and foam washes as these help cleanse oil and keep it under control.  Try avoiding overusing soaps and scrubs, as used daily, can be too harsh for the skin.  You want to moderate the oil and bring it under control, not eliminate it.  Your skins natural oils act as a lubricant and help keep your skin youthful, soft, supple and maintain its acid mantle.  Why is it important to maintain the skins acid mantle (or ph balance); well this slightly acidic layer on your skin helps fight bacteria which in turn, reduces the risk of acne outbreaks ….it’s that simple!

Toning:  Toning your skin is the essential second step in your daily routine. This simple step removes residue cleanser, tightens your pores, stimulates the skin, and prepares it for moisture.  Toners stimulate the blood capillaries thus tightening pores and helps prevent blockages such as blackheads, white heads (trapped oil) and spots.  Toners also help carry nutrients to the deeper levels of your skin.  Apply toner to a fresh piece of damp cotton wool then pat over your whole face.    Toners containing alcohol, witch hazel, rosemary, cucumber and tea tree work wonderful with oily skins.  These type of toners help draw out and absorb any excess oil.  If your skin is greasy, witch hazel and alcohol works well, and if you are oily with blemishes, tea tree not only controls oil, but is also an antibacterial.   Cucumber is wonderful for sensitive oily skins or if you suffer from acne rosacea.  Toners containing these properties also help fight bacteria and control blemishes.

Moisturising:  Moisturising your skin should be done twice daily, in the evening and first thing in the morning.  I know some ladies who have oily skin and are terrified of using a cream that will create more oil.  However, and I must reiterate no matter what your skin type, balance is the key ingredient in maintaining fantastic looking skin.  For oily skin types I recommend using a daytime lotion and a night time lotion.  Lotions are lighter in texture than creams and absorb more easily into the skin, without leaving it feel greasy.

 A Balanced routine will help restore your skins PH Balance.

Masks:  Masks help deep cleanse the skin; unblock pores and aid in desquamation (shedding dead skin cells).  There are a number of masks suitable for combination/oily.  Those containing ingredients such as seaweed, tea tree, rosemary and clay based masks work wonders on problematic skin.  There are also a number of home remedy masks that can treat oily skin with acne such as strawberry masks or cucumber masks for more sensitive skins.

Application of masks: Apply a mask in the evening only and never before going out. Reason; your skin benefits from the cleansing and healing properties of the mask.  Also, your skin cells will have a full 8 hours plus to repair and renew and also fight off any bacteria that’s trying to spread.  Furthermore, any creams you put on your skin at night will nourish, feed and protect it as you sleep.  

How often you use a mask depends upon the severity of your acne, how oily your skin is and age.  If you suffer from teenage acne, I would recommend once a week, but it is imperative you adhere to a strict three step routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising daily. Implementing a good routine will improve your skin.  Scrubbing and using a mask and nothing else will overstimulate the sebaceous glands, eliminate powerful lipids that keep our skin moisturised and leave it open to bacterial attacks.  If you are in your twenties and thirties, use up to 2 to 3 times per week.  Over forty and suffering from acne 3 to 4 times per week.  Leave a mask on for no more than 10 minutes to start, then build to up to 20 minutes  NOTE* Always tone after a mask, to close the pores then moisturise.

 Exfoliating:  As we mature it becomes more important to exfoliate our skins.  As the cell renewal rate slows, the only way to slough away dead cells is mechanically (by hand) using products of a more gritty substance.  If you have teenage acne and it is severe, you are best to consult your dermatologist before exfoliating especially if you are on medication (this applies to most ages).  However, if you are in your mid-twenties and up, your skin will only benefit from exfoliating.  Again, in your twenties and if your skin is oily and problematic exfoliate once a week.  You can do this on the same evening you apply a mask.  (Always exfoliate first, mask, then tone and moisturise.)  Again if your skin is very oily and problematic and you’re in your thirties up, exfoliate two to three times per week.  For combination skin, limit your masks and exfoliators to oily part of your skin (generally the T-Zone).  Leave your exfoliator on for about ten minutes.

Home Made Exfoliators:  Adding about a teaspoon of baking soda to your cleanser creates an effective exfoliant, especially for oily problematic skins. (Must note here not suitable for problems such as acne rosacea as exfoliators can aggravate this skin condition).  Massage gently into your skin, leave on from five to ten minutes.  Rinse with tepid water, tone then moisturise.  Do not do this daily, only at times I have previously recommended!

Benefits of Baking Soda:  Its acid neutral and can increase cell renewal rate.  This makes acne less noticeable.  Furthermore baking soda’s neutralising benefits may also reduce the redness in acne.

Facial Steaming is also beneficial for oily, combination/oily and acnified skin.  It’s simple, easy to set up and very effective.  It helps loosen black heads and trapped oil, opens pores, deep cleanses, stimulates blood flow, increases lymph drainage and relaxes the skin.  All of this leads to a brighter complexion.

And for my final point, which I never fail to reiterate and it should indeed become your daily mantra….Cleanse, tone then moisturise.  The above routines, masks and exfoliators are meant as a guide to help you clear your skin. Obviously avoid any of the ingredients if you suffer from allergies (i.e. strawberries).   Lastly, it is important especially on the night you have exfoliated or used a mask, that the following day you protect your skin with a sun screen.

Skin care is about balance, a regular routine will help maintain the equilibrium of your skin and