Amy & Michael’s Wedding at The Seafield Golf and Spa Hotel


Michael and I met in Krystle nightclub in Dublin and went on our first date about a week later to Tribeca in Ranelagh. We became an item shortly after and bought a house together a few years later.
In June 2015 Michael proposed to me in London with a Tiffany ring that he had picked himself. I was completely shocked as although we had discussed marriage before I hadn’t anticipated the actual proposal. I said yes obviously and started to cry. Michael had arranged for an appointment to get the ring properly sized the following morning. I loved the ring and sitting in Tiffany’s the next morning was a surreal experience that I will never forget. We started to plan the wedding almost immediately and were initially overwhelmed with everything involved. However we both agreed that we wanted an intimate wedding of about 120 people with all our close friends and family included.
My only sister Lisa was my maid of honour and she was always going to be my number one choice because not only is Lisa my sister but she is also one of my closest friends. My other bridesmaids were my two very close friends Roisín and Jennifer. My bridesmaids were very involved in all the preparations, including shopping for my dress. We looked at dresses in a number of shops in Dublin but ironically it was in Spain with my Mum where I saw the dress that I felt was perfect for me. The dress was a San Patrick design and made me feel so special.

Michael chose his childhood friend Jonathan as his best man. Michael had been his best man a few years earlier, and he was always our number one selection. Michael’s brother PJ and close friend Bren were Groomsmen. Michael found his suit in Aston Formal Wear in Temple Bar and picked a navy Lincoln three piece suit.

The run up to the wedding was very busy and a little stressful trying to arrange every detail and ensure that the day went to plan, but we also had a lot of fun planning the big day together. I had thought about having the wedding abroad but was conscious of also making sure all our family and friends could attend so we settled on an Irish wedding. We visited Seafield Hotel in Ballymoney, Co. Wexford following a suggestion from my Dad, we knew almost immediately that we had found our wedding location. We loved the interior of the hotel, it was traditional but stylish, and the ballroom was spacious and beautiful with a large dance floor. We also noticed how friendly and welcoming the staff were to us both. The beach beside the hotel, the fantastic pool and spa and the golf course cemented the decision for us. We booked Seafield Hotel and were delighted with our choice. The church we chose was Star of the Sea in Riverchapel 10 minutes drive from the hotel. We loved the location and the fact that it had a Grand Organ.

We chose Andrew Miller Photography as our photographer, as Michael had met him when he was best man at Jonathan’s wedding and his work had been superb. We chose Ronan Quinn as our videographer, we had met Ronan at the amazing RDS Wedding & Honeymoon Show and were impressed with the quality of his work and his overall personality.

On the wedding day itself, we were so lucky in that the weather was fantastic, and so we were able to go to the nearby beach and harbour to take some beautiful pictures. We hired a Rolls Royce car for the wedding and although it was a stunning car it broke down on the way from the church. Luckily our photographer was behind us and brought us back to the hotel. Although it was mildly disappointing at the time, it’s a fond memory now as we have laughed with our friends and family many times at the irony of it all.

Although it may not be traditional for the bride to say a few words I really wanted to speak and welcome everybody and say thank you. I was quite nervous during my speech but was really glad that I did it. For our honeymoon we travelled the following Tuesday to Los Angeles, Hawaii (Maui) and Las Vegas for a total of 16 nights. It was a perfect combination of relaxation and nightlife.

Overall my wedding was a perfect day followed by a fantastic honeymoon. I recently received my wedding video, and when I watch it I find it hard not to cry. It was definitely the happiest day of my life. Thank you Seafield Hotel for a truly amazing day from start to finish.

Photography by Andrew Miller